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Hojo Undo

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Hojo Undo is the Japanese term used for conditioning exercises of martial arts. Hojo undo exercises are varied and work various aspects: muscle strengthening, a cooordenação, to posture, a rapid… For this, various instruments are designed. Traditionally, These instruments are composed of materials that were available when they began to be used, as wood, stone and iron, although, in ...

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IPPON Committee

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The Kumite is one of three key components of karate: Kihon, E said Kumite. Having some knowledge of basic (kihon) and be familiar with techniques of sequences through the katas, the student begins the practice of Ippon Kumite. The Ippon Kumite is the exchange of techniques between two practitioners, where one of them initiates an attack, and the other defends himself with a series of defensive techniques and counter-attack. This allows the student to feel the effectiveness of his defense ...

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Kicks (Geri Waza)

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Attacks (Tsuki Waza)

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  TSUKI waza is the study of techniques of attack with the fists. These techniques are intended not only attack,as can also, simultaneously,serve as defense, if well executed.   The areas are divided to attack ...

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Christmas Appeal

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  Este Natal oferece algo diferente: Dá sangue! no Instituto Português de...

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