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Hojo Undo

Hojo Undo is the Japanese term used for the conditioning exercises of martial arts.

Hojo undo exercises are varied and work various aspects: muscle strengthening, a cooordenação, to posture, a rapid…

For this, various instruments are designed. Traditionally, These instruments are composed of materials that were available when they began to be used, as wood, stone and iron, although, at present, other materials may be used. Some can even be done at home.




Weight, generally cement, end with wood (ou metal).

The Chi'shi segurando uses up to end, and performing a series of movements and positions used in kata or kumite.

The weight strengthens the fingers, hands , arms, trunk and Pernas, for maintaining the position.

Deve-be, entanto not, maintaining a posture so as not to cause damage to the spinal column.

Nigiri Game

Nigiri Game


Clay pots filled with sand.


The practitioner must hold the vessel through the rim and run a series of movements and positions, similar to what acontecce with chi'shi.

The weight strengthens the fingers, hands , arms, trunk and Pernas, for maintaining the position.

Ishi Sashi

Ishi Sashi

Weights, traditionally pedra, with handle.

Tetsu Geta

Tetsu Geta

Sandals iron.

Are used in the practice of movements and kicks. The extra weight helps strengthen the leg muscles.

 Kongo Ken

Kongo Ken

Oval iron ring which may vary in weight and size.

Traditionally used by fighters of Hawaii, was adopted by the Hojo undo Sensei Chogun Myiagi.

Strengthens the wrists, arms, Pernas and trunk.




Weights like dumbbells.


The most

Bundle of bamboo stuck in the extremities or in the middle. It was used for conditioning of the fingers and to practice kicks. Now, using the bags boxing



Wooden pole bolted to the ground, with the top-coated cord.

Intended to practice strokes with hands and kicks.

Jari Bako


Container with areia (or arroz) used to condition the fingers.