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My Senseis

Sensei Marco Cruz (5º And)

Sensei Marco Cruz (5º Dan)

Sensei Raul Dinis (2º And)

Sensei Raul Dinis (2º Dan)

About mim ...

I was born in Nampula - Mozambique, in 1 December 1973.

Iniciei-me no Goju Ryu Karate I 1981, House of the People of Corroios with the Sensei and Sensei Luis Nunes Isaiah. This was followed by Sensei Jorge Viana.

I graduated 1 st Dan em 27 April 1991 Sensei Morio Higaonna hair, Having begun teaching at the time 1991/1992 House of the People of Corroios.

Currently 5 th Dan sou, exame done em 21 November 2009, Sensei James Rousseau pelo.

From a time 2001/2002 I'm a professional karate, lecturing in gyms, schools and colleges.

I have the course:

- Karate Trainer Level 1 da F.N.K.-P. C.I.T. No. 679

- General methodology of high performance sports training in Karate;

- First Aid Course;

- 1and 2nd Level Training Kyusho Jitso;

In the occupation with a charge of organization leader in the House of People from the Corroios 1998. Currently as Treasurer of the community.

About mim ...

I conducted the examination of 2nd Dan, on November 2010, Sensei James Rousseau pelo.

I give lessons in Gina Clube de Corroios and in many schools.