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The Beginning

The first class…and now? (Part II)

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That aula,often being divided in groups of two to practice certain techniques. Besides being an excellent way to get used to the physical advances of an attacker, also allows interaction with colleagues, which contributes to the existence of some practitioners camaraderie. Throughout the lesson your partner can make corrections to your technique, especially if more experienced. This is normal and you should be open to criticism from colleagues and ...

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The first class…and now?

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You came to your first lesson in karate! Lá are your, to feel a little strange with your new suit, pajama style, forward while you observe your colleagues around the dojo. Some talk casually while others are warming. There are practitioners with the most varied colors belt around the waist, from white, as your, until the desired black belt. The sequence of the colors of belts means the degree varies with the practitioner and the style / school ...

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Choose a karate school

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The decision to practice martial arts can be one of the best decisions in the life of any man, woman or child. With the proper training, o karateka (student of martial arts) learn self defense, discipline, self-CONTROL, respect and enhance their self-esteem and confidence. Now comes something harder: choose the style. There are many different styles of karate, taught in dojos all over the country. One suggestion to help in the choice is to go to a tournament or ...

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