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Choose a karate school

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The decision to practice martial arts can be one of the best decisions in the life of any man, woman or child. With the proper training, o karateka (student of martial arts) learn self defense, discipline, self-CONTROL, respect and enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

Now comes something harder: choose the style. There are many different styles of karate, taught in dojos all over the country.

One suggestion to help in the choice is to go to a tournament or a statement that brings together multiple styles. Observa extract as e or committee, and at the end talks with practitioners of the styles you most pleased. Most practitioners are friendly and will be available to give information about their mode. Even though the school where practice is far from your residence, You can always call and ask if the sensei recommends some dojo nearest.

Once you have a list of possible dojos, comes into contact with the head and asks if you can watch or even try one of the classes. It is normal schools allow assistance during lessons, except when tests are performed graduate. If they refuse your application although it is a normal classroom, looking for another site, it is not supposed to be secret lessons.

Find out about the entry, the payment (monthly, semimonthly, etc.) if the uniform must be purchased through the school or not, and whether you need just in first practice. This is relevant for children who experience some lessons and then change their ideals. The graduation exams also involve an additional cost.

Another aspect to consider, especially not if two adults, is the physical capacity to practice certain martial art. Spectacular jumps and high kicks will be mission impossible for those with back injuries, hips or knees. Generally, Karate can be practiced by anyone, all ages, but the existence of injury requires vigilance and restraint in practice, whereby the sensei must be informed of the limitations of each, and adapt the training to all elements of the classroom.

The sensei is a key part in deciding to attend the dojo. He is the spirit of the dojo and will be your guide in the world of martial arts if decide to attend your school.

Question about your training and course notes and your style of teaching in their classes.

He also observes the discipline, well as the respect of students by sensei. The teaching begins in the karate dojo. The sensei shows self-control and respect for students who need?

Take notes on visits to schools and weighs the pros and cons. After selecting the school, try classes for at least one month. During these período, practice at home what prendeste ee decide if this is the appropriate style for you. If the answer is negative, ask yourself why, and if you can or are willing to ultrapassar the problem. One possible situation is to be the only woman in the classroom. What seems to be a problem may become an advantage, if we see the opportunity to train with opponents bigger and stronger.

Once you have chosen the school and the style, get the uniform and stay focused during training. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you do not understand something. Most instructors will tell you that the only stupid question is one that is not asked. If something happens that makes you uncomfortable during training, inform the sensei. Victims of rape or abuse tend to have problems with the proximity necessary to perform the technical, or get stuck in a situation of struggle. The sensei should be aware of the problem and work with students to overcome. Give up to be ashamed of admitting a problem is not an option, when you have someone willing to help.

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