For practitioners and lovers of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate


Tachi waza- Positions

heisoku-dachi pés together
musubi-dachi heels together, feet turned out, formam angle of 45 °
Heiko-dachi parallel pés, shoulder width
hachiji-dachi feet shoulder width apart, outwards, formam angle of 45 °
kiba-dachi position of the rider: feet parallel to approximately twice the width of the shoulder
shiko-dachi Kiba-dachi semelhante a, but feet pointing outward 45
Nanam shiko-dachi like shiko-dachi, more em angle of 45 °
yokomuko shiko-dachi like shiko-dachi, but look the part
sanchin-dachi feet shoulder width apart, legs slightly bent, heel of front foot aligns with the tip of the toes back
hanzenkutsu-dachi distance between the front foot and back foot is approximately the width of the shoulder; perna da front flectida, perna from behind esticada
zenkutsu-dachi semelhante a hanzenkutsu-dachi, but the distance between the front foot and rear foot is twice the width of the shoulder
hikui zenkutsu-dachi posição zenkutsu-dachi Baixa
neko ashi-dachi position cat
renoji-dachi position-shaped feet “The”
kokutsu-dachi zenkutsu-dachi, backwards
kosa-dachi cross pés
moto-dachi neko-dachi, but with their feet