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IPPON Committee

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The Kumite is one of three key components of karate:

Kihon, Word and Kumite.

Having some knowledge of basic (kihon) and be familiar with techniques of sequences through the katas, student starts the practice of IPPON Committee.

The Ippon Kumite is the exchange of techniques between two practitioners, where one of them initiates an attack, and the other defends himself with a series of defensive techniques and counter-attack.

This allows the student to feel the effectiveness of their defense and their attacks. In kumite there are two important aspects to consider: the control e o contact. The control must be exercised at all times to avoid damage in the partner. On the other hand, is also desirable contact, because it prepares students for a real confrontation.

As the student progress, he will learn to improve control and kumite practice a strong contact. For this, is essential to fitness classes and, whenever possible, at home.

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