For practitioners and lovers of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate


Uke waza – Defesa Techniques

Jodan age-uke   defense that blocks blow directed upward to the face
chudan soto-uke   defense with the outside of the forearm
gedan-west   low-level defense
uchi-uke   defesa interior (de fora to within)
Hiki-uke   defensive circular open hand
tora-guchi   defense of open hand (tiger's mouth)
Rud-week   defense with the palm
shotei-barai   defense of the low level with the base of the palm
co-uke   defense with folded pulse
EMPI-uke   defense with the elbow
kosa-uke/juji-uke   defense with hands clasped
otoshi-uke   protection from top to bottom on the basis of the palm
shuto uke   defense on the edge of the hand