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The Karategi or Karate-gi is the name given to the uniform training of Karate. It is similar to Judogi, with which sharing a common origin.

Such as o belt Graduation, GI was introduced by Sensei Gichin Funakoshio, Sensei's suggestion Jigoro Kano (Founder of Judo), with some adjustments to the practice of Karate. The similarity with the judo uniform contributed to the acceptance of karate in Japan.

The Gi has the advantage of be robust and comfortable while. The karate training includes a wide variety of blows, kicks, Quick movimentos, and a more limited range of techniques to grab and hold, relatively to Judo, so the Gi must enhance the mobility and speed, without the requirement of resistance that have Judogi. The best quality Gis are made with lightweight fabrics, of Algodão, which support all tractions of intense training and strict, sem restringir a mobilidade do karateka.

For a karateka which begins in this martial art to Gi also has a positive psychological effect: the feeling of belonging to the class and the dojo is greater, facilitating the adaptation.

At Karate-gi typically consists of three parts: the jacket, pants and the belt.

How to fold the Karate-gi:

Como dobrar of Karate-Gi

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