For practitioners and lovers of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate


These vase – Techniques with hands

Seiken choku-ou-tsuki tsuki   soco frontal
jun-tsuki   strike with the fist on the side of advancing leg
gyaku-tsuki   punch with the arm opposite to the advancing leg
oi-tsuki   punch
ura-knocking   punch with the back of the hand face down
age-tsuki   soco ascending
kizami-tsuki   punch percussion
Furi-stuki   soco circular
sun-tsuki   punch at a distance of one inch
yoko-tsuki   soco lateral
awase-tsuki   punch in the form of “You” or “In”, performed with the upper arm in a position opposite to the advancing leg
heiko-tsuki   two direct coups executed together with the arms parallel
uraken-uchi   blow with the back of the wrist
tettsui-uchi   blow “hammer”, with the edge of the fist
shotei-tsuki   blow with the heel of the hand
nukite-tsuki   blow with the tip of the finger
shuto-uchi   blow with the edge of the hand
haito-uchi   blow with the inner edge of the hand
ko-uchi   strike with the outside of the wrist
hiji-ate / empi uchi   elbow strike
ren-tsuki   combination of blows