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Fight like a girl!

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Luta como uma miúda!

Fight like a girl!“…

Who has not heard this expression?

It is usually used in derogatory tone,but some time ago that he felt overcome the complex to hear this phrase.
After all, I'm a girl!… Lute as normal É uma! This does not mean it is harmless! ;)

There are differences between the martial arts, whether same-sex or opposite sex.
The techniques taught are the same, but, over time, the practitioner learns to adapt the tools available to it and make a difference in benefit:
if there are stronger, can be faster, a kick down hurts like a high kick.
It's all a matter of adaptation!

Nowadays, easily live in a society where we are victims of violence, and nothing is more damaging to women than the idea that they are the weaker sex, with little or no ability to defend. It's time to break that image and start having pride fight like a girl!

Lori Hartman Gervasi is a karate black belt and author of: “Fight Like a Girl…and Win: Defense Decisions for Women“.
The following tips are taken from his book:

Give yourself permission.
Allows you to use self-defense in any attacker, even if that person ends up being a known, friend, relative or coworker.

Study the enemy.
Learn everything you can about the criminals of today – who are, how and where Atacama, and they are willing to do to their victims. This knowledge helps you to prevent risk situations.

You are your own bodyguard.
Your husband, boyfriend or the police may not be around to help you – decides to trust in yourself.

Trust and act on your intuition and instincts.
Your instincts Sao useless to ignore the, so it is preferable to act when we feel a potential hazard.

Reagir and away from the danger.
Not “freeze” in distress. Instead, break the fear with instant mobility. Run as far and as fast as you can.

Makes decisions for self-defense.
Strengthen security measures, making their personal choices all your security now, before it is necessary.


These are good tips, but difficult to put into practice without preparation. Already the old saying goes “Before prevent than cure.”

So I advise all women to learn some self defense techniques, to be attentive to the environment around them and to develop the mental preparation necessary to be able to react in case of danger.

A secure environment are simulated situations where danger is the ideal preparation to achieve this and make instinctive reaction to defend himself and escape. The surprise of being confronted with a situation of violence often makes us lose “put the miles”.

“Be strong and be safe!” (Be strong and stays safe!) ;)

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