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Positions (Tachi waza)

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TACHI WAZAis the study of the positioning of the feet and legs to the trunk.

Karate uses various positions, some focus more on mobility, other stability.

A stable position is critical to have a strong technical, and a rapid transition position in the execution of a coup or a defense.


The positions can be classified according to height:

  • Posições Altas  - In these positions the knees are slightly bent.

Examples: Heisoku dachi, Musubi dachi, Heiko dachi, Hachiji dachi.

  • Positions Medium

Examples: Sanchin dachi, Hanzenkutsu dachi, Moto dachi, Kosa Dachi.

  • Low Positions

The transition between low positions shall be effected without changing the height, to avoid the loss of energy caused by changing the center of mass of the body.

Examples: Kiba dachi, Shiko dachi, Zenkutso dachi, Neko ashi dachi.


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